Rapture Ready Ministries Incorporated exists to coach, strengthen, train and groom believers of all denominations in Christian faith to live daily in the light of His coming, thus empowering them to be prepared and ready for being raptured at any time. They must be prepared in spirit, mind, body and soul and specifically live with their eyes looking to the skies, watching for Christ to come and with their feet on earth working for Him until He comes.

Read amazingly remarkable statistics about The Bible, such as:

(1) Chapter 1,189
(2) Verses 31,102
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Get to know at least 10 daily duties of Christians, such as:

(1) Pray (Matthew 6:11; Luke 11:3)
(2) Take up daily cross (Luke 9:23)
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Learn all about the End Times

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                                                                          Augustine & Catherine Wilson                      

Welcome to rapturereadyministries.com.au

Through this website we want to lift up the name of Y'Shua-the Messiah. We desire all people to know Jesus personally and passionately through the scriptures by the power of the Holy Spirit. Hope you will find the articles here a source of enrichment and nourishment.

May the One who was, is and is to come rule your life as you prepare for His return.

In His love & grip,
Augustine & Catherine Wilson