1. The goal of Rapture Ready Ministries Inc is to motivate, lead, persuade and prompt Christians to cultivate an intimate devoted relationship with the heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ before His imminent return (2nd coming).

2. Rapture Ready Ministries Inc, believes that every Christian can experience this relationship through a process of deepening, growing and expanding involvement in praise, worship and prayer (Rom 13:14).

3. Rapture Ready Ministries Inc, believes in the fact that God wants every Christian to know Him, to enjoy Him, to live continually in the light of His favour, His wisdom and His truth. God desires a genuine relationship with us as His children, awaiting and ready for Jesus   return (1-Thess 5:1-24).

4. Rapture Ready Ministries Inc, wants to encourage, stimulate, stir and inspire Christians to know Jesus intimately through their daily walk with Him and keep watching for His promised return to this earth for taking His bride/church to heaven (Heb 9:28).

5. Rapture Ready Ministries Inc, wish and desire that every Christian be mindful, sensitive and responsive to the 2nd coming of our Savior Jesus Christ which can be at any time now (Luke 12:40).

6. Rapture Ready Ministries Inc, aspire to set every Christian's heart for being ready when Jesus comes to take His bride. They should be longing and yearning for their groom to come and take them with him for eternity. This should be our glorious hope (Titus 2:13).